The different delivery mechanisms for Cannabis.

The different delivery mechanisms for Cannabis.

We use cannabis for different use-cases. Many cultures have used weed for recreational relaxation as well as medical treatments since ancient times. Today cannabis is a popular recreational herb used by people of all ages and professions. Medical application of cannabis is also rising with many countries now legalizing the plant for medicinal purposes.
Just like applications, there are various delivery methods for using cannabis. One can inhale it through the lungs, prepare edibles that hit the digestive system, and even rub it on the skin, where it is absorbed. Knowing the science behind each cannabis delivery method makes it possible to discover the best method for you.

Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are liquid and semi-liquid extracts that are consumed directly by placing a few drops under your tongue. Most tinctures are cannabis extracts blended in a carrier oil. This delivery mechanism uses a dropper to place the drop under the tongue. The drop is then held for 10-15 seconds for quick absorption by digestive glands present under the tongue.
While tinctures are comparable to edibles, tinctures offer faster-acting results and more control than edible. Tinctures are also a great alternative to smoking as they avoid the harmful side effects of smoking.
Anxiety Relief

CANNARIE™ offers two Cannabis Tinctures:

Anxiety Relief  – a perfect stress buster for those hectic days when relaxation is a top priority for your mind and body.

Pain Management   – a potent and effective pain-fighting hemp extract blend.
Pros Cons
Faster acting than edibles
Slower acting than smoking and vaporizers
No harm to lungs
May lead to green out (take too much and have an uncomfortable experience) as effects are delayed
Versatile method, apt for both medicinal and recreational use
Easy to carry, provides discreet use

Cannabis Tinctures

Topicals are made from decarboxylated (the process of activating cannabinoids by heating) cannabis extracts and oils, which are applied directly to the skin. Cannabis topicals are great for treating localized pain or skin ailments and are very popular among hemp cosmetic enthusiasts. Arthritis oil is one of the most common medicinal applications of topical effectively used by patients all around the world. Topicals can be made into balms, ointment, sprays, lubricants, oils, and lotions.
While topicals are quickly absorbed by the skin, they do not achieve cerebral stimulation and therefore don’t contribute to psychoactive effects. This makes topical one of the safest applications as long as the person is not allergic or having skin reactions to any of the other ingredients that go into the topical.
Arthritis Pain Oil

CANNARIE™ offers two Cannabis Topicals:

Arthritis Oil – An infusion of our classic full spectrum hemp extract in a blend of botanical oil that provides cooling relief instantly.
Cannalube   – A lubricant for women that heightens arousal, eases discomfort, and makes great sex even better.
Pros Cons
Fast-acting via the skin
Doesn’t achieve cerebral stimulation
Highly suitable for medicinal and cosmetic use
Each tincture can be used for its specific use only
Easy to use
Safest method to use cannabis

Smoking Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. There are various methods to smoke cannabis from rolling joints, bongs, chillums, bubblers, hand pipes, and even hookahs. Some smokers get creative with their smoking devices and can also make devices from household objects like buckets, pet bottles, and even fruits. Smoking is also popular as it is apt for social settings and gatherings.
Since smoking hits the lungs, it’s a consistent delivery method as it offers the quickest onset of effects. This also makes dosing relatively easy to manage. On the downside, smoking marijuana can lead to negative respiratory side effects.
The different delivery mechanisms for Cannabis.
Pros Cons
A versatile method for both recreational and medicinal use
Negative respiratory side effects
Apt for social settings
Often people are exposed to carcinogenic substances when smoking
Quickest onset
A consistent and convenient delivery mechanism

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis-infused food products are commonly referred to as edibles. They are able to produce some of the most intense, full-body, psychoactive, and long-lasting effects. Some of the popular edibles available around the world include baked goods, candies, sodas, and teas. Edibles are processed through the digestive system and once the THC enters the kidney it is broken down into an even more potent variant- 11-Hydroxy-THC, which gives a much more powerful and longer-lasting high.
Edibles don’t take effect immediately and sometimes onset can take more than two hours. Therefore, it’s easy for one to overindulge and accidentally overdose on edibles. It is advised not to do edibles on an empty stomach and not to mix edibles with alcohol.
Pros Cons
Most intense, full-body, psychoactive effects
Effect not immediate, onset can be delayed
Versatile mechanism useful for both medicinal and recreational purpose
Easy to over indulge and overdose
Effects are long-lasting
Uncomfortable and intense experience if overdosed

Cannabis Vaporizers

Vaporizers are an alternative to smoking, and work in similar ways- they allow one to heat the plant extract at a specific temperature and then inhale the resulting vapors. Unlike traditional smoking, the remaining plant material is not heated and therefore one reduces the smoke of byproducts inhaled. Vaping is a more precise form of smoking. Unfortunately, vaping devices are banned in some countries like India and Singapore.
Vaping comes in any form from heavy tabletop volcanoes to portable hand-help pens. Vaping provides a stronger high than smoking while limiting exposure to toxins and lung irritants.
Pros Cons
A versatile method for both recreational and medicinal use
Requires expensive devices
More effective than traditional smoking
More effective than traditional smoking
Quickest onset
Limits exposure to toxins and lung irritants
Most precise dosing

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